Plant mat 0-45°

Sempergreen plant matA ready-to-use ground cover with a mature and evergreen appearance, that is the pre-cultivated  Sempergreen plant mat. The plant mat is suitable for flat applications as well as those with a gradient from 0  to 45°. It is quick and easy to apply where mature planting is required immediately.

Plant mat 0-45° specifications

 Gradient:                                                        0-45°
 Thickness including plants:                            60-150 mm
 Saturated weight:                                           30 kg/m2

System structure

Sempergreen Plant mat

1 Sempergreen Plant mat 60-150 mm

Pre-cultivated plant mat, consisting of a coir mat with plants. Vegetation percentage on delivery: at least 85%.

2 Weed barrier cloth

Weed barrier cloth is a ground cloth designed to counter weed growth. It is only necessary to include this in the structure if high weed pressure is expected.

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