Sedum-grass-herbs blanket

The Sedum-grass-herbs blanket is a vegetation blanket in which the Sedum plants are supplemented with a variety of flowering herbs and various grasses. This results in varied and colourful vegetation on the roof. This variation in vegetation is particularly attractive for bees and butterflies and so it contributes to increased biodiversity.

Which plants are used in a Sedum-grass-herbs blanket?

The Sedum-grass-herbs blanket contains four to six different types of Sedum, twenty to twenty-five species of herbs, and five to seven species of grass. The plants are grown on a coir fibre mat and a substrate especially developed by Sempergreen. The plant mats always boast at least 95% coverage on delivery. Sempergreen vegetation blankets are produced in accordance with FLL guidelines.

Installation and maintenance

The maximum gradient for the Sedum-grass-herbs blanket is 10 degrees. The minimum maintenance will depend on the system structure (fertilization one to three times a year). 

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Please note: this product is only available in Europe