Everything about our plant mixes

At Sempergreen quality is vitally important. For lush blooms and permanently green vertical garden it is important that the plant varieties are carefully selected. Thanks to its extensive knowledge of plants, Sempergreen selects  only the strongest perennial plant varieties for its SemperGreenwall. Combined with many years cultivation experience, Sempergreen offers a perfectly grown facade which always has at least 90% coverage on delivery. So you can enjoy the greenery straight away.

Considerable variety

A SemperGreenwall is planted with a carefully selected mix of plants, chosen for the specific situation and climate of a project. For example, in outdoor green walls, we include a range of shrubs, perennials and ferns. In indoor living walls we use a combination of house plants and ferns. Sempergreen supplies a number of standard assortments which have been extensively tested under various conditions. So you know for certain that your green wall will really stay green.


Would you like to select your own plants?

Naturally, if you would prefer to select plants for your living wall yourself, discuss the options with us. Together we will look for the best solution for your project. Patterns and logos are also among the many options for a SemperGreenwall. If you would like to know more about the options, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Lasting green result

All plant varieties in our product range are very strong, hardy and are resistant to pests and diseases. For indoor walls, our product range consists of plants that do not need much light. However, we recommend you illuminate your living wall with a light intensity of approximately 1000 to 1500 lux, so that the plants grow better. If this is not possible, then we adjust the plant selection accordingly. In combination with a maintenance contract we guarantee that your project will be permanently green and attractive, even in the winter.

Whether in the sun or in the shade, indoors or outdoors: our reference projects show that a SemperGreenwall grows literally everywhere!