Sempergreen FlexipanelThe Sempergreen Flexipanel is a building block of the SemperGreenwall. The Flexipanel is the most flexible system on the market for living walls. The panels pre-cultivated in our own nursery can easily be mounted in any indoor or outdoor wall or facade, and provide an instant green appearance. Thanks to the use of light materials, in combination with a special design, even curved surfaces are not a problem.

In stock in our own nursery

The Flexipanels measure 62 x 52 cm (width x height) and are carefully grown in our own nursery. On delivery, the panels boast at least 90% coverage. Flexipanels with a standard range for indoor or outdoor use are often available from stock. If you have special requirements for the plants, you are at the right address with Sempergreen.

Plants adjusted to the facade

The Flexipanels are planted with a range of plant varieties, selected for the climate and the specific situation of your facade. Every situation is unique and climatic circumstances differ, which is why Sempergreen has thoroughly tested its assortment of plants. So you know for certain that your green wall will really stay green, whether it is in the sun or shade, indoors or outdoors; our worldwide reference projects show that the Sempergreen Flexipanel literally grows everywhere.

Fire safety

Sempergreen is the only supplier of a green facade system that has been tested and certified for fire safety in the highest European fire safety class, B - s2, d0. This means that the Flexipanels may also be used in escape routes.

Always green

Each Flexipanel has a channel at the top for a drip hose which is used for delivering water and nutrients to the plants. A web-based irrigation system in combination with a maintenance contract (with one of our local partners) ensures you always have a green appeal. 

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