Plant mat Hedera helix 'Normandy Carpet'

Plant mat Hedera helix 'Normandy Carpet'This plant mat consists of a coir mat with the Hedera helix 'Normandy Carpet'. This ground cover plant is perfect for large areas. On delivery, the plant mat has at least 85% cover. This guarantees a green result immediately.


About the plants

Hedera helix ‘Normandy Carpet’ is a better growing variety of the common ivy, Hedera helix. The leaves are dark blue green. The Hedera helix ‘Normandy Carpet’ is very hardy, grows vigorously and branches wide. 

Why plant mats?

The pre-cultivated Sempergreen plant mat is applicable everywhere where a mature green appearance is required immediately after planting, on embankments, slopes, roundabouts, in cemeteries and parks.

Installation and maintenance

It is very easy to lay a Sempergreen plant mat. The maximum gradient for the plant mat is 45 degrees. The minimum maintenance will depend on the system structure.

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