Is a living wall eligible for LEED or BREEAM credits?

BREEAM and LEED are unmistakably the most widely used sustainability certifications for new and existing buildings. Certification often results in (immediate) measurable reduction in water and energy consumption and more efficient use of the building, which leads to cost savings. On the other hand, the results of the non-technical efforts are not easily to measure, such as a better working environment, higher productivity and lower absenteeism. 

Qualifying sustainability

For new construction as well as existing buildings, a living wall certainly contributes to the BREEAM or LEED score, always in combination with a set of other measures. As the certification depends on many factors, no uniform score can be given. This differs per project.


BREEAM is the most popular building certification in Europe. The methodology differs per European country because climate conditions and legislation differ, so a country-specific version is always required.  

Example from practice
LEED® NC Gold Certification for Mississauga Gateway Centre
Mississauga, ON | Canada
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