Maintenance fertilizer

Maintenance fertilizerUse Sempergreen maintenance fertilizer to give your green roof the best possible nutrients. The maintenance required by a green roof is minimal and consists mainly of applying fertilizer to the vegetation. The frequency is one to three times a year,  depending on the system structure.

Types of maintenance fertilizer 

Sempergreen has developed two types of maintenance fertilizer, specifically tailored to the properties of a green roof:

  • Sedum Conditioner - long-acting
  • Sedum Power - short-acting

Sedum Conditioner

Sedum Conditioner is a controlled slow-release fertilizer that continues to provide nutrients for
9 months. Sedum Conditioner improves the plant roots, resulting in strong and healthy

Sedum Power

Sedum Power is a fast-acting fertilizer which is effective for 4 weeks, to give the plants a boost.

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