About Sempergreen

We are Sempergreen, a company dedicated to transforming grey buildings into vibrant green oases. Since 1996, we have been empowering cities worldwide with our innovative vertical gardens, multifunctional green roof solutions, and ready-to-lay ground coverings. Our global reach, with nurseries spanning five continents, ensures a steady supply of high-quality plants for our extensive projects. Together with our partners and customers, we make the world greener, step by step, metre by metre, mile for mile.

Sustainable solutions

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our greening initiatives. We are continuously evolving our products to enhance biodiversity, mitigate urban heat islands, and optimize stormwater management. Our Retention and Detention Roofs effectively capture excess water during heavy rainfall, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient environment.

More than a hundred shades of green

Recognizing the inevitability of urban growth, we embrace the challenge of integrating nature into the urban landscape. We leverage our expertise to transform any surface, wall, or roof into a thriving green haven. From straight and angled structures to curved and vertical designs, we have the expertise to realize innovative greening solutions for any project.

Join our mission to replant the planet!

We invite you to join our mission of creating a greener, more liveable world for people and animals. With our dedication to sustainability and innovation, we are paving a green way for a more harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

Sempergreen is ready to partner with you to transform your project into a verdant sanctuary. Contact our specialists to discuss how our expertise can ‘green up’ your space and contribute to a healthier and happier green planet.



Sempergreen. Replanting the planet.