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Sempergreen Academy arose from Sempergreen’s mission to create a greener and more liveable world. The sharing of knowledge is an important part of achieving this goal. We can’t move forward without the right information in the right place. That is why Sempergreen has decided to partner with experts to share insights and extensive knowledge regarding green solutions and other related topics through Sempergreen Academy.

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White papers and research:

Whitepaper: Building for biodiversity (2021)

In this white paper we share our insights regarding the improvement of biodiversity in cities and answer the question: how can municipalities, architects, property developers and other parties in the construction sector contribute to promoting biodiversity in urban areas?

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Study: Butterflies and bees on a green roof (2015)

According to the results of this study by the Dutch Butterfly Conservation in cooperation with Sempergreen, the tested vegetation blankets and various roof garden substrates contribute to biodiversity. In intensively used urban and agricultural areas, a green roof with herbs and floriferous vegetation offer food and/or good breeding opportunities for butterflies, bees, and hoverflies that are otherwise not readily available in the vicinity.

Download a summary of the study below, if you'd like to learn more.

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Innovation for future-proof cities
Effective climate adaptation strategies to counter urban flooding

Date: 12 October 2021
Time: 13:00 - 14:00 CET
Ticket: FREE
Language: English

Most of our cities are not yet prepared to withstand the disastrous effects of climate change. To help the right parties take the right measures at the right time, Sempergreen Academy is organising a free webinar on this very topic: Innovation for future-proof cities - effective climate adaptation strategies to counter urban flooding.

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