Traditional versus lightweight Sedum roof

Posted on Wednesday 11 August, 2021 Not sure whether to install a traditional or a lightweight Sedum roof? Read here what the difference is between the two green roof systems, what you need to think about, and how you can install these green roofs simply and easily. Read more

Floating Office Rotterdam - a unique office building with green roof

Posted on Wednesday 21 July, 2021 In Rotterdam, the largest floating office building in the world has been completed. This unique property is part of a new floating park in the Rijnhaven port in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Read more

Detention and Retention Roofs against flooding

Posted on Wednesday 14 July, 2021 More and more flooding is occurring around the world. The recent floods in places like United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the United States and Australia are a case in point. Green infrastructure such as Detention Roofs and Retention Roofs offer the solution to this problem. Read more

White paper: Building for biodiversity

Posted on Monday 28 June, 2021 The loss of biodiversity has a major negative impact on both mankind and the planet in the long term. Read in our white paper ‘Building for biodiversity’ how municipalities, architects, property developers and others can promote urban biodiversity. Read more

Roof garden as a solution to biodiversity loss

Posted on Wednesday 16 June, 2021 Urban areas are the places where biodiversity declines the most, due to things such as urbanisation, CO2 and particulate emissions, and the fragmentation of natural areas. Fortunately, there is a fast, aesthetic and sustainable solution: the installation of biodiverse green roofs. Read more

Sempergreen expands stock locations with UK HUB

Posted on Friday 11 June, 2021 Sempergreen has expanded its stock locations with a UK HUB near Manchester. From this new location Sempergreen can deliver its high quality vegetation blankets quickly from local stock, for both large and small orders. Read more