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Meet the Sempergreen team. With more than one hundred employees in North America, Europe, China, Australia, Colombia and the Caribbean, we work enthusiastically on the developing and selling our green products every day. 

Using the following filters you can find the right contact person per country, department or product group.

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Oscar Warmerdam
Oscar Warmerdam Partner-President Sempergreen USA Tel: +1-202-215-6005
Richard Hoek
Richard Hoek Partner-Operations Manager USA Tel: +1-214-797-5300
Dick Bernauer
Dick Bernauer Partner-Sales Director North America Tel: +1-301-219-4071
Callum Gowar
Callum Gowar Sales Manager Mid-Atlantic Tel: +1-540-219-9157
Benny Hidalgo
Benny Hidalgo Production Manager USA Tel: +1-540-219-2599
Julie Zarnowski
Julie Zarnowski Financial Affairs USA Tel: +1-540-399-5055
Pablo Atuesta
Pablo Atuesta Sales Director Colombia Tel: + 57 (318)308 6283
Natalia Franch
Natalia Franch Sales Director Caribbean Tel: +1 809 877 7481