Sempergreen and knowledge platforms

Sempergreen is affiliated as knowledge partner with various platforms and cooperates closely with a variety of nature organisations. Read more about those organisations below.


Sempergreen is a member of WGIN (World Green Infrastructure Network), the worldwide network for national 'Green Building' organizations and professional companies active in the green infrastructure sector. Together we want to be a worldwide motivator for the use of green infrastructure in cities. In addition, knowledge is shared and research conducted in collaboration with universities and colleges.




Sempergreen is a member of the German BuGG (Bundesverband GebäudeGrün). BuGG is an important trade union and interest representation for companies, cities, universities, organizations and anyone interested in the greening of buildings. Under the slogan 'Together for more green', BuGG is striving to raise awareness about green roofs, green facades and indoor green spaces among the widest possible audience. They do this, among other things, through fairs and symposiums. In addition, BuGG members share their knowledge and experiences. BuGG also contributes to the well-known FLL guidelines, which describe conditions for products and the installation of green roofs and green facades.

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Stichting Roof UpdateRoof Update Foundation

Stichting Roof Update, (Roof Update Foundation) a Dutch organization that wants to realise a fundamental change in the way people think about roofs and facades. They operate as an innovation centre in a market that is often still conservative. This centre gathers and shares innovative knowledge. Sempergreen is affiliated to Stichting Roof Update as knowledge partner. With support from the Technical University in Eindhoven, the HAN University of Applied Sciences and Senter Novem, application opportunities are developed that give new impetus to raising the quality of sustainable roof and facade systems. 

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Sempergreen is affiliated to as partner. Architectenweb is the online platform for architects in The Netherlands and Belgium. There is no other platform that is used so intensively by Dutch architects as Architectenweb. Via a wide range of options, architects can find and share specialist information for their field. Through Architectenweb, Sempergreen can enter into qualitative dialogue with architects, not only via the website, but also at networking events and conferences.

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VogelbeschermingNetherlands Society for the Protection of Birds

The Netherlands Society for the Protection of Birds, established in 1899, is an independent, national nature conservation organisation dedicated to the protection of all wild birds and their habitats. It is supported in this undertaking by some 140,000 members, businesses, funds and institutions. Exchanges of knowledge and development of bird-friendly products are central in the collaboration between Sempergreen and the Netherlands Society for the Protection of Birds. It was this collaboration that originated the Green Bird Roof, a green roof designed especially for city birds. With it we are making the cities bird-friendlier together.

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Dutch Butterfly ConservationDutch Butterfly Conservation

Dutch Butterfly Conservation is a national organisation that bundles knowledge about butterflies and dragonflies. It is committed to the preservation and recovery of butterflies and dragonflies in The Netherlands and Europe. Together with Dutch Butterfly Conservation, Sempergreen has done research on the functional contribution of a green roof to the biodiversity of urban areas. Based on the findings of that research, the Biodiversity Package was developed; to add nesting grounds, shelter and food to a Sedum roof. This further increases its ecological value. Another product that was collaboratively developed is the Bees & Butterflies Blanket. This vegetation blanket creates a green roof with an abundant mixture of host and nectar plants, which is very attractive to bees and butterflies.

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