15 Years Sempergreen USA – High Quality Green Roofs & Living Walls with a Legacy

Posted on Tuesday 06 June, 2023 It is time to celebrate Sempergreen USA’s 15th anniversary! We went to meet our American colleagues in Culpeper, Virginia to hear their stories, to visit projects and the nursery … and, of course, to celebrate! Read more

Purple-Roof approved stormwater management tool New York City

Posted on Tuesday 15 November, 2022 The New York City has approved the Purple-Roof concept as a stormwater management tool. Developers and building owners now have a cost-effective and space saving tool at their disposal to manage stormwater in NYC. Read more

Enjoy a climate conscious holiday at these 8 green hotels

Posted on Tuesday 04 October, 2022 Green hotels offer the ideal setting for relaxation and rest after the stress of a lengthy flight or city excursion, while also doing their part to improve the environment. Read more

7 of the best sustainable city plans in the world

Posted on Tuesday 05 October, 2021 In this article, we are showing you some effective and inspiring examples of green measures these cities have chosen to implement and what tips and inspiration your city may be able to take from them. Read more

Iconic Slovenian pavilion on Dubai Expo provided with Urbanscape® SemperGreenwall

Posted on Monday 22 March, 2021 At the Dubai Expo, the oval-designed building at the Slovenian pavilion has been equipped all around with an Urbanscape® SemperGreenwall which represents the nature of Slovenia and creates a striking appearance at the World Expo. Read more

The Power of Plants

Posted on Monday 05 October, 2020 Living green walls add great visual appeal to an exterior space. However, the challenge is, how do we keep these lush vertical gardens permanently green? The answer lies in the plant selection. Read more