The Power of Plants

Posted on Wednesday 11 October, 2017 Living green walls add great visual appeal to an exterior space. However, the challenge is, how do we keep these lush vertical gardens permanently green? The answer lies in the plant selection. Thanks to its extensive knowledge of plants, Sempergreen selects only the strongest perennial plant varieties for its SemperGreenwall. Read more

Purple Roof Concept at StormCon 2017 in Seattle, WA, August 27-31, 2017

Posted on Monday 11 September, 2017 StormCon is the world’s largest stormwater pollution prevention conference and trade show. Municipalities and State Government Representatives, (civil) engineers, planners and (landscape) architects traveled from all over the US to Seattle to learn about storm water solutions. Read more

Surviving the cold

Posted on Tuesday 18 July, 2017 Yes! Outdoor green walls can thrive, even in climates like Chicago, Toronto, or Montreal! How? Maintaining an outdoor vertical garden or green wall is much more challenging than maintaining an indoor green wall. Especially when they are exposed to extreme circumstances, like very cold winters, or winters with lots of temperature swings. Read more

Sustainable work environment near The Hague

Posted on Friday 07 July, 2017 A prestigious new project is currently under construction near The Hague in The Netherlands. The creation of a green and healthy work environment plays a central role in this design, by adding vertical greenery and several theme gardens. Read more

Sempergreen opens a new nursery in Poland

Posted on Monday 05 June, 2017 In order to better serve the market in the eastern part of Germany, as well as various countries in Eastern Europe, Sempergreen has enlarged its production capacity by opening of a new nursery in Poland. Read more

10 Superior Green Roof Storm Water Control Designs soon to be tested

Posted on Tuesday 23 May, 2017 Over the course of testing in past years we have learned how to modify the green roof design to optimize rain water control on the roof and to supply civil engineers with better information to do their work. Read more