Greenery is indispensable in our society. Greenery promotes health and the feeling of well-being, it improves air quality and the environment, encourages a safe living environment and generates added value for property. Green roofs, living walls and green ground covering each make their own contribution to these benefits. Select your application below and read more about the benefits. 

Green roofs

Products for green roof

Green roofs make a substantial contribution to water buffering in urban areas. A green roof delays the release of rainwater into the sewage system thus reducing the peak load during heavy rainfall. 

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Living walls

Products for living walls

The vertical greenery of a SemperGreenwall creates a green oasis, there where there is otherwise little space for greenery. Cooling in the city and improvement of air quality are just some of the many advantages of a living wall. 

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Green ground cover

Products for ground cover

If you would like more green in your garden but don't want the time-consuming maintenance, the Sempergreen ready-to-lay ground cover mats offer a direct-green garden. What's more, on slopes they also have an anti-erosion function. 

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