Benefits of green ground cover

Green ground cover has several advantages for the environment as well as society. Green ground cover provides a rainwater buffer, purifies the air, reduces the ambient temperature, and encourages biodiversity in the city. Green in the city is part of climate-proof construction. What's more, people are happier in a green environment than in grey surroundings. Below we explain the benefits one by one. 

Provides a rainwater bufferProvides a rainwater buffer

Replace paving stones with plants, a green area absorbs rainwater. This delays the discharge of rainwater to the sewage system, purifies the rainwater, and water also evaporates through the plants. So this all helps to stabilize the groundwater level, reduces the peak load on the sewage system and reduces the risk of flooding. 

Reduces the ambient temperature Reduces the ambient temperature 

Plants absorb sunlight, 50% is absorbed and 30% reflected; so this helps to create a cooler and more pleasant climate through a 3°C temperature reduction in the city.


Purifies the airPurifies the air

Plants filter particulate matter from the air and convert CO2 into oxygen. With green ground cover you are contributing to air purification.


Reduces ambient noise Reduces ambient noise 

Green ground cover reduces noise in a busy area such as the city. It provides for a quieter environment, both inside and outside your building. 


Has a traffic calming effect

Has a traffic calming effect

Roundabouts and parks that are well structured and cared for have a better traffic calming effect because of their appeal. They are not only pleasant to see, they also promote traffic safety. 


Increases biodiversityIncreases biodiversity

A green ground cover provides a habitat for birds, butterflies and insects, especially in the city where concrete and asphalt dominate.


Increases the feeling of well-beingIncreases the feeling of well-being

Living and working in a green environment has a positive effect on the well-being of people. Greenery offers relaxation and reduces stress. 


Offers healing environmentOffers healing environment

Greenery encourages faster recovery for patients, resulting in a shorter hospital stay. A persons tolerance of pain is higher in a green environment. This is also known as a ‘healing environment’.

Elicits more social interactionMore social interaction, less vandalism

Working or living in a green environment brings people together. A green environment gives a higher perceived and user experience. This has a positive effect on social cohesion in neighbourhoods. Areas with more greenery suffer less hinder from aggression, violence and vandalism. 

Direct-green Direct-green, low maintenance 

With plant mats or vegetation blankets you can lay direct-green ground cover. The mats are carefully pre-cultivated and on delivery boast 90% coverage. This means that weeds hardly get a chance to establish themselves and the maintenance required is minimal. 

Saves time and moneySaves time and money

In contrast to planting ground cover with individual plants, laying a green ground cover using plant mats or vegetation blankets is quick and easy to realise. And the subsequent maintenance is minimal. That saves you a great deal of time!

It's not necessary to insert new plantIt's not necessary to insert new plants

Weeding, hoeing and inserting new plants is time-consuming, labour-intensive, and expensive. Because the mats boast at least 90% cover on delivery, weeds hardly get a chance to take hold. The mats are carefully pre-cultivated, so the likelihood of bare patches is negligible.


Erosion protectionErosion protection

On embankments, pre-cultivated plant mats and vegetation blankets ensure that the soil does not get washed away by the rain. It offers a solid, anti-erosion layer.