About the plants

At Sempergreen quality is vitally important. For a low-maintenance and permanently green ground cover it is important that the Sedum varieties are carefully selected. Thanks to its extensive knowledge of plants, Sempergreen selects only the strongest ground cover Sedum plant varieties for its Sedum blankets mats. Combined with many years of cultivation experience, Sempergreen offers a perfectly grown mat which always has at least 85% coverage on delivery. So you can benefit immediately from a green and low-maintenance ground cover.

Strong ground cover Sedum plants

Sempergreen has a number of very strong ground cover Sedum plants in its standard product range. The Sempergreen Sedum-mix blanket is the ideal product for use as ground cover.

Lasting green result

All Sedum varieties in our product range are very strong, hardy and are resistant to pests and diseases. In addition, ground cover prevents weeds taking hold. So we guarantee that your project will be permanently green and attractive, even in the winter.

Would you like to select your own plants?

If you have a preference for particular plant varieties as direct-green ground cover, that are not in our standard range, Sempergreen offers you the flexibility to select your own plant varieties. In consultation with our nursery, we will grow these plant mats especially for you. If you would like to know more about the options, please do not hesitate to contact us.