The five most remarkable benefits of green renovation

Posted on Monday 22 April, 2024

Sustainability is the buzzword of today. Fortunately, because it's desperately needed. What's also crucial is the reuse of existing materials and refurbishing what can still be (re)used. More and more, you'll see renovation winning over new construction. And increasingly, green renovation is edging out 'standard' renovation. We all agree that the time has come to take responsibility and that stunning results can be achieved with sustainable, green renovation. Moreover, green renovation offers an abundance of benefits. We'd love to highlight the five most remarkable ones for you.

Time for a green makeover

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Infographic benefits green renovation

The five benefits of sustainable renovation

Green protection for your building

Green roofs and walls act as natural (insulation) layers. Renovation isn’t just about renewing existing materials; green roofs can also serve to protect old materials. Did you know that a roof can last up 2 to 3 times longer when protected by a green roof? Moreover, a green roof is considered a sustainable improvement and, therefore, offers a chance for subsidies in many municipalities.

Energy Savings

Green roofs and walls significantly boost a building’s energy efficiency. A new green coat for a home brings both comfort and sustainability. They reduce the need for constant air conditioning in the summer and provide thermal regulation in winter, making the energy bill much happier. Did you know that it can even reduce the hard work of the aircon with around 33 %?  If you also install solar panels (such as those from our partner Over Easy) on the same roof, you can increase the panels' efficiency by an average of 6 to 10%! And that energy savings align perfectly with current sustainable trends is something we don't need to explain; the energy bill will do that!

Solar green roof Sempergreen & Over Easy

Rainwater Management

Green roofs function like sponges, absorbing rainwater and thus reducing the risk of flooding. The water is captured and gradually released, reducing strain on sewage systems. In these times of increasingly severe summer rainstorms and longer periods of rain in winter, green roof renovation contributes to addressing the climate challenges we're facing closer and closer to home. Sempergreen has a retention and detention roof system you can read much more about here. Did you know our green walls also significantly contribute to tackling climate challenges? How? Read more about it here

A bee visits a blooming Sedum roof

Biodiversity just around the corner

Green roofs and walls bring nature back to urban areas. Plants attract birds, bees, and butterflies, creating a bit of biodiversity in the middle of the urban landscape. New construction becomes increasingly challenging, so sustainable renovation is gaining ground day by day. And for us, ‘Every square meter counts’! Thus, we gladly increase the garden space using existing roof and wall surfaces as new soil for nature. This way, urban areas become stepping stones for insects and birds to rest, feed, and thrive.

You can make every green roof even more attractive by adding a biodiversity package. We've developed these packages in collaboration with the Dutch Butterfly Foundation and they are a true oasis for insects. Want to learn more about these packages and how we’ve developed them with the Dutch Butterfly Foundation, read it here.

Aesthetic Boost

Last but not least, green roofs and green walls give any building an aesthetic makeover. From colorful flowers to lush plants, it's like an artwork on your roof and walls. Both our green roof systems and our green wall systems are incredibly flexible and fully customizable. This means that even round corners, s-shaped frames, or special (logo) shapes can easily be greened. We also love to be involved from the design phase of the renovation to achieve the most beautiful and sustainable result together.

Would you like to see which beautiful renovation projects we've already greened? Take a look at some of our renovation projects here.

Roof and facade in Helsingborg, Sweden