White paper: Building for biodiversity

Posted on Monday 28 June, 2021

Green roof with wooden bee hiveBiodiversity is a hot topic in both politics and the construction industry. Not surprising, since the loss of biodiversity has a major negative impact on both mankind and the planet in the long term. Fortunately, we as humans can do something about this.

In our new white paper 'Building for biodiversity' we share our insights in this area and answer the question: How can municipalities, architects, property developers and other parties in the construction sector contribute to promoting biodiversity in urban areas?

Read the white paper 'Building for biodiversity' to find out what the challenges are for biodiversity and how your building project can increase local biodiversity.

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Example: biodiverse residential area "De Buitenkans"

A good example of nature inclusive building to promote biodiversity is the ecological housing estate ‘De Buitenkans’ in Almere, The Netherlands. The residential area consists of 55 wood-frame houses equipped with Sedum roofs in all shapes and sizes, combined with solar boilers. This allows animals to use both the surrounding greenery and the roofs for living and reproduction. Insects can also use the green roofs as stepping stones to move from one green area to another.

'De Buitenkans' in Almere, the Netherlands