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Before becoming a Sempergreen Partner in 2016, Natalia graduated from university as an interior designer in 2004 and traveled to Rome, Italy, to continue her studies abroad.  During that year she traveled all over Europe. While in Paris, she visited the Quai Branly Museum and was amazed at its green façade, sparking her interest in green walls. 

In-tune with nature

Upon her return to Santo Domingo, she began to work as an interior designer. Growing up in a tropical island influenced her design aesthetic, being always in-tune with her surroundings, which is why her love for nature is reflected in her work.  

Focus on sustainability

Sustainability was one of her my main focuses in her work, always trying to source materials and products from local artisans, and incorporating plants to create a soothing atmosphere, which is very allusive to island life. She wanted to incorporate green walls for her projects but could not find anyone to do it locally, so she decided to do one herself.

Knowledge through experimenting

She spent some time doing research on different systems and finally decided to make one at home in order to have some trial experience. After a year, she came up with a system that worked and could make it locally. This really helped her understand what actually worked and what did not, what plants required in order to thrive and have a sustainable habitat in the long run.

Start of Bosques Urbanos

After a year Natalia and her brother Alejandro – working as an architect - decided to start Bosques Urbanos, a design + build firm, offering services in architecture, interior design, landscaping, green walls and green roofs. A restaurant commissioned her first green wall project, they wanted two small walls in the terrace, which later became the first green wall ever made in the Dominican Republic. After this project she made many green walls for private residences and retail stores.

Searching for a reliable green wall system

They realized that they needed a more sophisticated and reliable green wall system with the quality standards that shopping malls, hotels, hospitals require. While researching in the internet, Natalia stumbled on Sempergreen and found that the Sempergreen Wall System not only used similar materials as her own system, but also was UV resistant, modular, easy to install, and came with a fully automated remote operated irrigation system, so she immediately knew it would work and the plants would thrive in it. Also, Natalia found that the rest of Sempergreen products, like the vegetation blankets for green roofs and ground cover plant mats, where perfect for application in her green roof and landscaping projects by Bosques Urbanos. 

Founding Sempergreen Caribe

In 2016, Natalia founded Sempergreen Caribe, now the leading supplier of green walls and vegetation blankets in the Dominican Republic and Caribbean.

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