Does a green roof buffer water?

Yes, every green roof absorbs and buffers water. Green roofs buffer water in the plants as well as in the underlying substrate and drainage layer. Water will return to the atmosphere through evaporation or is released slowly to the sewage system. The amount of water a green roof can buffer will depend on the thickness and type of the substrate, drainage and the vegetation used.  

70-95% less load on drains

Climate change means that the intensity of rainfall is increasing all over the planet. Sewage systems are not always capable of dealing with large volumes of rainwater. In recent years, rivers have overflowed more frequently and vast areas have been flooded. This usually causes considerable economic loss and environmental damage. In order to absorb this large amount of rain water, water buffering on roofs is becoming increasingly important, especially in urban areas where green space has had to make way for roads and buildings. Research shows that a green roof can significantly reduce the amount of water that flows into sewers, even by as much as 70-95% in the summer.