Why are vegetation blankets more suitable than plant plugs for my green roof?

Planting a green roof with plugs or cuttings or sowing seed requires a lot of maintenance, especially the initial years. The desired result, namely mature vegetation covering the areas generally takes several years to achieve. Using Sempergreen vegetation blankets you can have a direct-green result which will require hardly any maintenance.

Even more benefits

 A green roof with vegetation blankets requires less substrate. This also means that the weight the roof has to bear is considerably lower.

 The installation costs are lower, you mainly save on the labour cost.

 A vegetation blanket is quickly rolled out, while planting plugs is a time consuming task.

 There will be hardly any erosion when using vegetation blankets.

 Vegetation blankets provide an immediate cooling effect.

In other words: if you use vegetation blankets on your green roof you can take advantage of all the benefits immediately!