Green roof for trading companies

Green roof for trading companies
Sempergreen is expert and market leader for green roof products. All our products come from our own nursery and are always available for immediate delivery from stock. Are you as trading company looking for high quality products for green roofs which need to be delivered quickly? Then with Sempergreen, you are at the right address.

Products for green roofs

An extensive green roof with vegetation blankets consists of a root resistant layer (or root-resistant roofing), a drainage layer and a nutrient layer on which the vegetation grows. There is a wide selection of vegetation, just take a look at our product range. 

Accessories for green roofs

Sempergreen has conducted a great deal of research into the various system structures for green roofs. We are happy to advise you about the various options. Below you will find an overview of the accessories for Sedum roofs.

Did you know that we can always deliver from stock thanks to our large inventory position?