Indoor SemperGreenwall

A living wall in your office or home ensures maximum perception of greenery. The air purifying effect of the vertical wall of plants contributes to a healthy indoor climate and has a positive psychological effect on people. A living wall increases productivity and has a calming effect, at the same time it is an attractive eye-catcher in your space.

Indoor SemperGreenwallAssembled from Flexipanels

A SemperGreenwall Indoor is assembled from Flexipanels and finished with a gutter and a frame. Each SemperGreenwall is prepared with a carefully selected mix of indoor plants in our nursery. On delivery, the Flexipanels boast at least 90% coverage.

Assortment of plants as desired

The SemperGreenwall Indoor is planted with a carefully selected mix of indoor plants and ferns. Every situation is unique and each space is different, which is why Sempergreen has thoroughly tested its assortment of plants. This means you can safely select the types of plants you want, so you can be assured that the plants are suitable for the situation in your project. Our planting schemes can even feature patterns and logos.

Permanent green appeal

An automatic irrigation system ensures that the plants receive water and nutrients in a controlled manner. In combination with a maintenance contract (with one of our local partners) Sempergreen ensures you always have a green appeal.

Installation and maintenance

Sempergreen takes care of the entire project for installing the SemperGreenwall Indoor. The maintenance team will visit the green wall two to ten times a year. Most visits will be just to check on the plants and installation, other visits will involve actual maintenance including pruning and inserting new plants where necessary.