NYC Department of Buildings announces Sustainable Roof Requirements go into effect

Posted on Tuesday 19 November, 2019

Expanding Green Roofs in NYC is win for environment This week, the New York City Department of Buildings announced that, effective the 15th of November 2019, all new buildings and existing buildings undergoing certain major roof renovations are to have a green roof system, a solar photovoltaic system, or a combination of the two. These systems must cover 100 percent of any applicable roof. “In New York City, we are not shirking from the challenge of climate change. These new laws are a sea change in how we approach new buildings, and help make our city a national leader in reducing emissions.” said Buildings Commissioner Melanie E. La Rocca.

New York City addresses threats of climate change

“Today’s announcement is another example of the innovative and necessary changes New York City is continuing to make to address the threats of climate change,” said Deputy Mayor Laura Anglin. “We know buildings account for the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions in New York City and these laws are another step to get the City carbon neutral by 2050.”

Expanding Green Roofs is win for environment

“The implementation of the law expanding green roofs is a win for our environment, our economy and our communities. At a time when national policy seems to turn its back on our planet, it is up to cities like New York to lead the fight against climate change. To do that, we have to adopt policies that take advantage of our unique, untapped assets. I am proud to have been a part of a team of activists and communities who are working to change this concrete jungle into a green oasis,” said Council Member Rafael Espinal.

“These laws are another step to get New York City carbon neutral by 2050”

Leave a healthier world for future generations

“Polluted cities have impacted areas like Washington Heights to the South Bronx, where we see some of the highest levels of asthma in the country. New York City must be taking the lead in green energy initiatives. The new sustainable roof requirements will ensure that we use our mostly untouched roofscapes for renewable energy technology,” said Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez. “We must continue working together to ensure that we decrease our carbon footprint and leave a healthier world for our future generations.”

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