Purple Roof Concept at StormCon 2017 in Seattle, WA, August 27-31, 2017

Posted on Monday 11 September, 2017

StormCon 2017StormCon is the world’s largest stormwater pollution prevention conference and trade show. The world’s leading stormwater experts were able to provide useful insights about their products and innovative technologies. Municipalities and State Government Representatives, (civil) engineers, planners and (landscape) architects traveled from all over the US to Seattle to learn about storm water solutions. 

Urbanscape and Sempergreen were invited to speak and explain more about the purple roof concept. This revolutionary concept is rapidly changing the stormwater approach all over the US.

Purple Roof Concept

The main purpose of a green roof is to maximize water retention, but it must minimize costs in construction, be light-weight and easy to maintain. It must also be sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. The solution is called the Purple Roof Concept, powered by Urbanscape®. It’s considered to be the stormwater leader of the green roof industry.

The purple roof concept provides an instantly vegetated roof that utilizes vegetation as a tool to protect the soil and resist runoff. Furthermore Sempergreen has its own Stormwater Testing Laboratory, an initiative by American Hydrotech, Knauf, and Firestone. It is also the only concept that has been exposed to real life assembled testing in a laboratory setting. It applies a replicable computerized rain event that mimics a real-life rain event and it measures water release, retention, transient release and sheet flow.

Innovative and leading technology

This innovative and leading technology is widely used in the European market and is being implemented in the US market at a rapid pace. Interested? Feel free to reach out to Sempergreen to discuss the possibilities for all your projects in regards to local stormwater requirements.

We are thrilled to make the world greener every day. Naturally!

Purple Roof retains more water than any other green roof concept

Stormwater Management with the Purple Roof Concept prevents flooding