Sempergreen opens a new nursery in Poland

Posted on Monday 05 June, 2017

Sempergreen nursery in PolandIn order to better serve the market in the eastern part of Germany, as well as various countries in Eastern Europe, Sempergreen has enlarged its production capacity by opening of a new nursery in Poland, in the vicinity of the German border. In the meantime, production has already begun to full extent. The nursery covers 50 hectares and represents a good addition to the existent nursery, in the central area of the Netherlands, with a size of 160 hectares. 

Additional production of cuttings for vegetation mats

The largest part of the Polish nursery is developed for the production of diverse vegetation mats for green roofs. Six hectares is reserved for the production of cuttings which will be used for the production of vegetation mats. Sempergreen herewith guarantees a very versatile range of Sedum, of the highest-possible quality, for all vegetation mats. The mats are 90% green at the moment of delivery, which leads to an immediate green result on the roof. 

Delivery starting second half of 2017

The first vegetation mats are expected to be delivered from Poland starting from the second half of 2017.