What is green ground cover?

Sempergreen green ground cover is made up of pre-cultivated Sedum mats that provide a mature result immediately. The Sedum mats consist of a coir mat with Sedum plants. Because the mats are carefully pre-cultivated in our own nursery, a green appearance immediately after laying is guaranteed. The Sempergreen Sedum blankets always boast at least 85% coverage on delivery.

Planting is a thing of the past

Planting an embankment or park with individual plants requires a great deal of maintenance, such as replacing dead plants, weeding and hoeing. The desired result, namely mature vegetation covering the areas generally takes several years to achieve. Ready-made ground cover that requires little maintenance, is the perfect solution for vegetated slopes, beautiful embankments, and attractive parks. In addition, direct-green ground cover protects against erosion as soon as it is laid.

Strong Sedum ground cover plants

The Sempergreen Sedum-mix blanket makes an excellent ground cover. This Sedum blanket includes a number of very strong Sedum ground cover plants.
If required, other varieties can be cultivated on request. 

Products for green ground cover