Green ground covering for consumers

Green ground covering for consumers
Replace paving stones with plants! Sempergreen ready-to-lay ground cover mats bring green back into your garden. With Sempergreen Sedum-mix blankets you can create a direct-green garden in less than no time. This means that mowing and hoeing is thing of the past. Also the ideal solution for homeowners associations and building owners for adding greenery to your building.

Why Sempergreen pre-cultivated ground cover?

If you would like more green in your garden but don't want the time-consuming maintenance. Planting individual ground cover plants means replacing dead plants, weeding and hoeing, a labour-intensive job. The Sempergreen ready-to-lay ground cover offers the perfect solution for a charming and direct-green garden. Mowing or pruning is thing of the past!

How do I maintain plant mats?

The plants used in Sempergreen Plant mats and Sedum-mix blankets are strong, mature and hardy. For a nice constant planted area we recommend fertilizing the ground cover annually in the spring. Sempergreen has developed a fertilizer, Plant mat Conditioner especially for this purpose. The composition of this fertilizer is fully aligned to the plants in the plant mats. For specific maintenance advice for your particular situation, you can always contact our Sales Support department.