Maintaining ground cover

The maintenance of Sedum ground cover is minimal. The plants used are strong, mature and hardy. The vegetation blankets are always covered for at least 95% upon delivery. As a result, weeds will hardly get a chance to grow.


Check at least twice a year if there are any weeds in the Sedum blankets and remove it. During extremely dry weather conditions, it is recommended to water the green ground cover.


For fine and constant growth, we recommend applying a fertilizer to your ground covering in the spring and autumn. The fertilization ensures an even supply of nutrients, resulting in healthy and strong plants.

Sempergreen has both mineral and organic fertilizers in its range. The composition of these fertilizers is fully geared to the planting of our Sedum blankets. For advice about the right fertilizer, please contact Sempergreen via

You will not damage the plants by walking on them when conducting this maintenance. They are strong enough to be able to compensate for this. Do not walk on the plants when the plants are frozen.

Maintenance advice tailored to your needs

For specific advice for your particular situation, you can always contact our Sales Support department.