How should I install a green roof?

It is very simple to install a green roof. Here we explain in just a few steps how to install a complete Sedum roof. When you install Sempergreen vegetation blankets, your green roof has 95% coverage immediately.

Installation green roof 0-20°

Flat roofs are ideal as green roof. The system structure for a flat, water-retaining green roof consists of a drainage layer with filterfleece, extensive roof garden substrate, and a vegetation blanket.



Installation lightweight roof 0-10°

Sometimes a flat roof support structure requires a lightweight green roof. Our special lightweight structure, where substrate is replaced by substrate roll, transforms your grey roof into a sustainable green roof almost instantly.



Installation Place 'n go Sedumtrays

The Place 'n go Sedumtrays are lightweight trays that can be used to make any roof green in no time. These trays can be placed directly on roofs with a roof pitch of up to 15 degrees.

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Installation Click 'n go Sedumtrays

Installing a green roof is very easy with the Click 'n go Sedumtrays. These ready-to-use trays are easily clicked together for a direct-green result. To protect the roof covering, it is recommended to apply a protective cover under the trays.

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