System structures green ground cover

Every outdoor area is different. This is why the structure of direct-green ground cover differs per project. Variables such as the underlying soil and pitch determine the best solution for your project. We have prepared a convenient overview of the most frequently used system structures for you. If you would like to receive product recommendations tailored to your needs, please visit our online advice centre where you will receive the correct structure tailored to the specifications of your project. 

System structures

Plant mat 0-45°
A ready-to-use ground cover with a mature and evergreen appearance, that is the pre-cultivated Sempergreen plant mat. The plant mat is suitable for flat applications as well as those with a gradient from 0 to 60°. It is quick and easy to apply where mature planting is required immediately.


Draining soil layer 0-10°

For well-draining soil such as sand - in addition to the plant mat - you can also opt for the Sempergreen Sedum-mix blanket as ground cover. The system structure for a surface with pitch from 0 to 10° consists of a layer of extensive substrate topped with the Sempergreen Sedum-mix blanket.


Non-draining soil layer 0-10°

When using a Sedum-mix blanket on a non-draining soil - such as clay or stone - with a pitch of 0 to 10 degrees, an additional drainage layer is necessary in the structure. This additional layer guarantees that your ground cover will remain green throughout the year.


Slope gradient 10-60°
Slopes such as embankments, parks, and roundabouts are ideal applications for our pre-cultivated ground cover. You can apply the Sempergreen Sedum-mix blanket directly to any sloping surface. We recommend using securing pins to keep the plant mats in place.


The area between the tram and train rails offer an excellent opportunity to apply more greenery in the urban area. Sempergreen has tailor-made solutions for individual infrastructure situations.