About the plants

At Sempergreen quality is vitally important. For a low-maintenance and permanently green ground cover it is important that the Sedum varieties are carefully selected. Thanks to its many years of cultivation experience, Sempergreen offers a perfectly grown vegetation blanket which always has at least 95% coverage on delivery. So you can benefit immediately from a green and low-maintenance ground cover.

Strong ground cover plants

Sedum is a stonecrop and one of the easiest plants to maintain. The plants store water in their leaves, so they can go without water for a long time. Thus, sedum is able to survive drought while other plant species perish. Where other ground cover plants often have to be mowed or pruned, this is not necessary with Sedum. In addition, they can be used in both the sun and shade. We grow our vegetation blankets on a coconut mat. This is a sustainable natural product and is a solid support for the Sedum plants. Weeding, hoeing and inserting new plants are a thing of the past with these ground-covering vegetation blankets.

Lasting green result

Sedum is a hardy plant and not very susceptible to pests and diseases. You can enjoy different colours all year round. The vegetation blankets are planted with a mix of various Sedums. This mix ensures that the mats will bloom in different colors between June and September. Unlike grass, Sedum contributes to increasing biodiversity. The flowering Sedums are a nice place for bees, butterflies and other insects. In addition, our vegetation blankets offer protection against weeds. Because the mats are carefully pre-vegetated, there is hardly any room for weeds to grow.

This is how we guarantee that your project will have a permanently beautiful and green result, even in winter!