Maintenance advice for green roofs

An extensive or semi-intensive green roof with Sedum and/or wildflowers and herbs is low-maintenance. Nevertheless, like regular gardens, a roof garden cannot be completely maintenance-free. This includes checking the roof and rainwater drain(s) and removing weeds carried in by the wind. Spring and autumn are the best seasons for this. Download the maintenance instructions for Sedum roofs and Biodiverse green roofs on this page.

Sedum roof maintenance

Flat and slightly pitched roofs planted with pre-cultivated Sedum-mix blankets or Sedumtrays generally require only a minimum of two maintenance sessions a year. These consist of removing weeds carried in by the wind, checking the rainwater drain(s), and using plant nutrients specifically for Sedum plants. Sedum blankets or trays never need to be mowed.

Maintenance instructions for Sedum roofs

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Maintenance for Biodiverse green roofs

To maintain flat and slightly sloping green roofs with pre-cultivated Biodiverse blankets Sedum-herbs or Bees & Butterflies, we recommend at least 2-3 maintenance sessions per year. Unlike Sedum roofs, these Biodiverse green roofs do benefit from being mowed at the end of winter.

Maintenance Biodiverse green roof (with Bees & Butterflies)

Maintenance Lightweight Biodiverse green roof (with Sedum-herbs)