Plant nutrition

Plant nutrition products for Sedum roofsWith Sempergreen’s plant nutrition products, you can give your green roof the best possible nutrients. Sedum roofs with pre-cultivated vegetation blankets or trays are relatively low-maintenance with at least 2 sessions per year (read more about our maintenance advice here). In general, we recommend providing a green roof with Sedum with plant nutrients twice a year. Late April and early September are the most suitable periods for this.

Types of nutrition products 

Sempergreen has developed two types of plant nutrition products, specifically tailored to the properties of a Sedum roof.

Sedum Nutrition

Sedum Nutrition is a 100% organic unique and complete compound nutrient product developed for the maintenance of vegetation blankets and trays with Sedum plants. The main components are nitrogen (N), phosphate (P) and potassium (K). In addition to plant stimulation, it also contributes to soil improvement.

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Sedum Conditioner

Sedum Conditioner is a controlled-release mineral NPK fertiliser. Sedum Conditioner improves the plant roots, resulting in strong and healthy plants.

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Sedum plants starting their spring bloom