Slope gradient 10-45°

Slope with Sedum-mix blanketSlopes such as embankments, parks, and roundabouts are ideal applications for our pre-cultivated ground cover. You can apply the Sempergreen Sedum-mix blanket directly to any sloping surface. We recommend using securing pins to keep the plant mats in place.

Draining soil 10-45° specifications

 Gradient:                                                        10-45°
 Thickness including Sedum:                          30 mm
 Saturated weight:                                           20 kg/m2

System structure

Slope with Sedum-mix blanket – system structure

1 Sempergreen Sedum-mix blanket type T 30 mm

Pre-cultivated Sedum-mix blanket type T, consisting of a mix of 10-12 different types of Sedum. The basis of this vegetation blanket is the plastic reinforcement top and bottom which make the blanket suitable for (steeply) pitched applications. Vegetation percentage on delivery: at least 95%.

2 Weed barrier cloth

Weed barrier cloth is a ground cloth designed to counter weed growth. It is only necessary to include this in the structure if high weed pressure is expected.