Why an extensive green roof rather than an intensive green roof?

You would like to install a green roof and you have to choose: an extensive or intensive green roof? An extensive green roof offers a number of advantages over an intensive green roof. Below we explain the main differences.

Lower costs

The installation and maintenance costs of an extensive green roof are relatively low compared to intensive green roofs.

Less load on the support structure

An intensive roof is many times heavier than an extensive roof because an intensive roof is comparable to a normal garden with shrubs and trees. The load for the roof construction is therefore much higher. Intensive roofs can therefore only be constructed on new buildings where the weight of the roof is included in the original structure. On the other hand, extensive roofs can easily be installed on almost any kind of roof, flat or pitched. 

Minimal maintenance

An extensive green roof requires minimal maintenance. It is enough to fertilize twice a year. On the other hand, an intensive green roof  requires regular maintenance such as pruning to keep the plants in good condition, just as you would in an ordinary garden.