What is a green roof?

A green roof is a  - flat or pitched - roof covered with plants, herbs or grasses. Green roofs are sometimes also referred to as eco-roofs, vegetated roofs, living roofs or sod roofs. Furthermore, a distinction is made between extensive and intensive green roofs. 

Various types of extensive green roofs

Green roofs are often planted with Sedum, but green roofs can also have other types of plants, each with their own name, appearance, functionality and benefits. Sempergreen USA specializes in Sedum roofs.

Sedum roof

A Sedum roof is a green roof planted with a mix of Sedum plants. Sedum is a succulent plant, which holds a great deal of moisture, and this is why Sedum can survive in almost all climates and weather conditions. The main advantages of Sedum is that is requires hardly any maintenance. For a Sedum roof, Sempergreen supplies the Sedum-mix blanket, planted with a mixture of 9 to 15 different types of Sedum. This mix flowers from early spring to late autumn in various colours: white, yellow and pink.


A Purple-Roof is a non-proprietary concept that is available through many manufacturers. The Purple-Roof concept provides an instantly vegetated roof that utilizes vegetation as a tool to protect the soil and resist runoff. Purple-Roof can successfully retain the most water and minimize and/or eliminate fine particle and fertilizer runoff. The elements used are 100% natural materials and Purple-Roof utilizes conventional drainage plates to breathe. The goal of the Purple-Roof concept is to mimic nature and create a living root zone that is self-supporting.