Green roof for contractors

Green roof for contractors
As contractor, you may be required to install an extensive green roof as part of your construction contract. Below You can read more about various direct-green solutions offered by Sempergreen. We can always give you advice tailored to your specific project. Together we can make your project a success!

What is the structure of a green roof?

The structure of a green roof will depend on the underlying roof specifications and the building's support structure. Read more about the most commonly used systems for green roofs below. 

Green roof system structures

What does a green roof cost?

The price of an extensive green roof will depend on your project specifications. We are more than happy to give advice tailored to your needs and we can send you a quotation without obligation.


Stock always available

Sempergreen grows its own products in its own nurseries in the middle of the country We maintain ample stocks of all our products. So we can almost always deliver immediately from stock. Within the Netherlands, the delivery lead time is one working day. The delivery lead time to Belgium is two working days.