Green roof system structures

Each roof is different. This is why the structure of a green roof will depend on the specific aspects of your roof. We have prepared a convenient overview of the most frequently used system structures for you. If you would like to receive product recommendations tailored to your needs, please visit our online advice centre where you will receive the correct structure tailored to the specifications of your project. 

System structures

System structure flat green roof 0-5°Flat green roof 0-5°
Flat roofs are ideal as green roof. The system structure for a flat, water-retaining green roof consists of a drainage layer with filterfleece, extensive roof garden substrate, and a vegetation blanket. 


System structure shallow pitched green roof 5-25 degrees

Shallow pitched green roof 5-25°
The structure of a shallow pitched green roof differs slightly from the structure of a flat roof. Because water runs off the roof more quickly, a thicker substrate layer is needed. The substrate gives the right amount of nutrients to the plants so your green roof stays nice and green.

System structure pitched greed roof 25-45 degrees

Steeply pitched green roof 25-40°
Sempergreen has the perfect solution for pitched roofs. The Sedum-mix blanket type T has plastic reinforcement top and bottom. This makes this vegetation blanket - in combination with the correct system structure - very suitable for (steeply) pitched applications.


System structure lightweight green roof 0-15 degrees

Lightweight green roof 0-15°
Sometimes a flat roof support structure requires a lightweight green roof. Our special lightweight structure for flat roofs transforms your grey roof, with a pitch of 0 to 15 degrees, into a sustainable green roof almost instantly.


System structure biodiverse green roof 0-5 degrees

Biodiverse green roof 0-15°
When construction is underway, the ecosystem is disturbed. With a biodiverse roof you can contribute to maintaining biodiversity in the urban environment. Join Sempergreen and do your part to counter bee and butterfly mortality, opt for a green roof with Bees & Butterflies blanket.


Systeemopbouw detentiedak 0-5 graden

Detention roof 0-5°
Our climate is changing. This leads to an increase in flooding due to heavy rainfall. The unique system structure of the Detention Roof ensures that rainwater is temporarily detained and runoff is delayed. Even when fully saturated with water, the Detention Roof is able to completely detain stormwater and to delay flow rates.