Steeply Pitched Green Roof

The construction industry is facing serious challenges such as the climate crisis, energy crisis and material shortages. Fortunately, there are solutions. Including for pitched roofs in independent, private and serial housing construction & renovation. Sempergreen's pitched green roof systems are ideal for nature-inclusive construction, providing cooler temperatures in and around the home and contributing to local biodiversity. The pitched green roof system is also available in a vapour-permeable version, and is suitable for both new build and renovation projects.

Steeply pitched green roof 

With the Steeply Pitched Green Roof system, roofs with a slope of 20 to even 45 degrees can be greened! The AA-panels in the system keep the plants' growing medium, the Roof garden substrate, in the right place. The vegetation blankets used in the Steeply pitched green roof systems are the specially developed Sedum-mix blankets type T. The type T blanket is planted with various types of Sedum plants which grow on a coconut fibre carrier. Both sides of the coconut fibre carrier are reinforced with artificial fibre so that they can be attached to each other. Hence this system is extremely suitable for (very) steep applications, as it prevents the vegetation blankets from shifting.

System build-up Steeply Pitched Green Roof system  

Vapour-permeable pitched green roof

Unlike many other pitched green roof systems, we also offer a solution for vapour-permeable constructions; Sempergreen's sloping green roof system with the Green Roof Scale (GDS). The waterproof green roof scale is a good alternative to the (scarce) roof tile, because it can be fixed directly to the battens. These factors therefore make the sloping green roof system ideal for both new construction and renovation. Finally, the system is fully reusable and recyclable, ideal for projects that aspire to LEED or BREEAM certification.

System Build-up vapour permeable steeply pitched green roof system

Sustainable roofing applicable on many different projects

Sempergreen's pitched green roof systems are available for different roof pitch angles, from 20 to 45 degrees. Fall protection and irrigation are advised to ensure the safety and appropriate maintenance of the system.

Solar panels on the Sedum roof

Another advantage of Sempergreen's pitched green roof systems is that they can be combined with solar panels, allowing end users to have both the green roof benefits and renewable energy.

Example of a strong sloping green roof project with solar panels. Watch the video here!

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In short, Sempergreen's pitched green roof systems offer numerous advantages and are suitable for a wide range of projects. Whether it is new construction or renovation, slightly or strongly sloped, with or without solar panels, Sempergreen has the expertise and products to meet customer needs. For more information, contact us, or request a quote.

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Projects with a Steeply Pitched Green Roof

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Project example Zangvogel Vlaardingen (c) Dura Vermeer Pitched green roof on biobased homes
Sterk hellend groendak op De Grote Geer te Houten Hellend Sedumdak op Kiem Speciale School in Dordrecht
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