Solar Green Roof

Renewable energy has never been such an important topic before. The demand continues to grow and the implementation of solar panels on newbuild and renovated properties is becoming mandatory more often for property owners. For the end users, the yield of solar panels is naturally of high importance. A green roof, installed underneath and around the PV panels, can boost the energy yield with 6 to 10%! Therefore, we recommend installing a Solar Green Roof on flat roofs with a 0 to 5 degree pitch.

What is a Solar Green Roof system?

The Sempergreen Solar Green Roof system is way to have both greenery and solar panels on a flat roof. It consists of a green roof system combined with a solar mounting system, the Sempergreen Solar Stand, on which virtually any kind of PV panel can be placed. The installation is quick and straightforward. Firstly, because it’s a ballasted system, meaning that the green roof underneath the solar panels provides the necessary weight to secure the PV system, without the need to penetrate the roof surface. Secondly, because the vegetation blankets are pre-cultivated and thus create an immediately green result on the roof after installation.

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Green roofs with solar panels for increased biodiversity

Solar green roof systems details

There are two types of Sempergreen Solar Green Roof systems available, the Solar Sedum Roof and the Solar Biodiverse Roof. Both options offer a green roof including mounting system on which nearly all types of PV panels can be placed. The points at which the systems differ, however, are the plant species and the thickness of the substrate layer.

Solar Sedum Roof

The Solar Sedum Roof contains pre-cultivated Sedum-mix blankets, in which various types of Sedum grow. The plants in these blankets are strong and have relatively short roots. Therefore, they don’t require a thicker - and therefore heavier - layer of growing medium (roof garden substrate). Generally, the blooming Sedums provide pollinators with nectar in May, June, July, August and September. Birds also happily make their nest on green roofs.

Solar Biodiverse Roof

The Solar Biodiverse Roof attracts insects and birds and enables various pollinators to spend their entire life cycle on the roof. This is made possible by the great diversity of plants in the Biodiverse blanket Sedum-herbs. Because the plants have differing heights, they also create more sheltered areas for animals to use. Additionally, the thicker substrate layer allows insects to burrow and make nests in the growing medium.

Download the system build-ups for more technical information:

Solar Sedum Roof  Solar Biodiverse Roof

Add Sempergreen Biodiversity Packages for even greater biodiversity on a Solar green roof!

Green roof with a diversity of plants and solar panels

What does a Solar green roof project entail?

The Sempergreen Solar Green Roof systems are suitable for roofs of at least 100 square metres. To ensure a quick and safe installation and that the right amount of roof garden substrate is used, firstly a wind load calculation and ballast plan are made. Using the ballast plan, the necessary weight of the Solar green roof is determined, meaning how heavy it needs to be to offer the right amount of ballast for the Solar panels. For a fast and efficient installation, a detailed layout plan is made for the Solar green roof.

Sempergreen Solar Stand parts
The various parts of the Sempergreen Solar Stand


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You can also download the technical drawings on this page.

Download technical drawings Solar Sedum RoofSolar Sedum Roof

Download Technical drawings
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Download technical drawings Solar Biodiverse Roof

Solar Biodiverse Roof

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Large green roof with solar panels

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