Traditional Sedum Roof

Enjoy the many benefits of a green roof with a Traditional Sedum Roof System. For instance, these planted roofs have a cooling, air purifying and water buffering effect. It is also a great place for bees, butterflies and other pollinators, and even more so when you complement the green roof with a Sempergreen Biodiversity Package.

What is a Traditional Sedum Roof?

A Traditional Sedum Roof from Sempergreen is a green roof system that can be used on a flat or slightly pitched roof. The build-up of this type of Sedum roof includes a protective cover, drainage, roof garden substrate and a Sempergreen Sedum-mix blanket with 6 to 8 different Sedum species. The roof garden substrate is produced in accordance with FLL guidelines. The substrate layer contains soil life and provides shelter for insects. In this light but nutritious substrate the Sedum plants can develop roots well, so the plants grow and stay strong after installation. This, and the fact that strong Sedum species are used, makes a Traditional Sedum Roof very low maintenance.

Sedum roof for different roof pitches

System build-up Traditional Sedum Roof for various slopes

The Traditional Sedum Roof is available in three different systems, for 0-5, 5-15 and 15-20 degree roof pitches. We offer these different build-ups so that the plants can flourish on each specific roof pitch with the most suitable system layers.

Consult the system build-up documents, technical drawings and specification texts for more (technical) information on these green roof systems. For the Traditional Sedum Roof 0°-5°, other drainage layers can also be used if for example even greater water storage is required. Please contact our Sales Department for more information.

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Click 'n go: Practical Sedum cassettes

A green roof with Sedum trays

We also offer the Click 'n go Sedumtray for roofs with a pitch of up to 20 degrees. This Sedum cassette is simple to install and ideal for roofs of private buildings like homes and garden sheds. Namely, the cassettes are very convenient and only need to be placed on the roof, unlike vegetation blankets and drainage which need to be rolled out first. Sedum trays are therefore an ideal solution for roofs that are less easily accessible. View the Click ’n go Sedum Roof system here for more information.

How do you install a Traditional Sedum Roof?

Installing a Traditional Sedum Roof and a roof with Click 'n go Sedumtrays is generally quite straightforward. Click on the images below for installation instructions and instruction videos to see how it works on a flat roof:

Video and installation instructions for Traditional Sedum Roof system  Video and installation instructions for Click 'n go Sedumtrays green roof system

From a pitch of 10 degrees for the Sedum trays and 15 degrees for the Traditional Sedum Roof, we recommend using anti-shear measures and applying an irrigation system. We also recommend at least two maintenance sessions a year after installation. Read more about green roof maintenance here.

Traditional or Lightweight Sedum Roof?

If the roof at your project can support the weight of a Traditional Sedum Roof, we recommend opting for this green roof system. Roof garden substrate offers more opportunities for local flora and fauna compared to the substrate roll in the Lightweight Sedum Roof system.

Still doubting between a Traditional or Lightweight Sedum Roof? For tips and more information, read our article "Traditional versus lightweight Sedum roof”.

Projects with a Traditional Sedum Roof

Wondering what the Traditional Sedum Roof looks like in practice? Click on the following four green roof projects:

Project example Triodos in Driebergen (c) Ossip van Duivenbode Sedum Roof on Rotterdam The Hague Airport
Project example Continental Barum campus in Czech Republic Varied green roof in Sopot, Poland (Radisson Blu Hotel) ((c) Greenfond)

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