Sedum-mix blanket

The Sedum-mix blanket is the most widely applied product for direct-green Sedum roofs. On delivery the vegetation blanket always boasts at least 95% coverage. Sempergreen vegetation blankets are produced in accordance with FLL guidelines.

Which plants are used in a Sedum-mix blanket?

The Sedum-mix blanket contains eight to twelve different types of Sedum. The plants are grown on a coir fibre mat and a substrate specially developed by Sempergreen. Sedum is a succulent plant that is well able to store water in its leaves and therefore grows perfectly under diverse weather conditions.

Installation and maintenance of a green roof with Sedum-mix blanket

The maximum gradient for the Sedum-mix blanket is 25 degrees. The minimum maintenance will depend on the system structure (fertilization one to three times a year). 

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Sempergreen Sedum-mix blanket