Biodiversity Package

Sempergreen Biodiversity PackageThe Sempergreen Biodiversity Package has been carefully assembled in cooperation with the Dutch Butterfly Conservation Foundation to create more biodiversity on extensive green roofs, thereby also increasing their ecological value. All products have been carefully selected to benefit the living environments of birds, bees, butterflies and other insects. They provide nesting spaces, protection and a source of food.


The Sempergreen Biodiversity Package can be constructed on extensive green roofs with a pitch of no more than 10 degrees. Constructing the Sempergreen biodiversity package requires a roof area of 6 m².


The Sempergreen Biodiversity Package is supplied on a pallet and contains the following products:

 Sempergreen Biodiverse Roof Garden Substrate
 Multi-coloured Maas River Boulders
 Oak logs
 Insect hotel
 Biodiverse plant selection consisting of perennials, herbs and grasses

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Sempergreen Biodiversity Package

For the construction of the Sempergreen Biodiversity Package, we kindly refer to the construction guidelines in our Download Center.

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Please note: this product is only available in Europe

White paper

Would you like to know more about the value of green roofs and the biodiversity package concerning the topic biodiversity? Download our white paper ‘Building for biodiversity’.

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