Biodiverse blanket Bees & Butterflies

Sempergreen Bees & Butterflies vegetation blanketSempergreen has developed the Biodiverse blanket Bees & Butterflies to join the battle against global bee and butterfly mortality. The numbers of bees and butterflies have been declining alarmingly in recent years, partly due to a lack of nectar and pollen. Bees and butterflies are essential for biodiversity and food production. In cooperation with The Dutch Butterfly Foundation, we have put together this vegetation blanket with great (nutritional) value for these important insects.

What is the composition of a Biodiverse blanket Bees & Butterflies?

The Bees & Butterflies blanket is planted with over 20 species of flowering plants and herbs. The plants grow on a coconut fibre carrier and a Sempergreen cultivation substrate. Upon delivery, the blanket always has at least 95% coverage. Sempergreen vegetation blankets are produced in accordance with FLL guidelines.

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Green roofs with host and nectar plants boost biodiversity

A wide variety of host plants and mellifluous plants have been selected for the Biodiverse blanket Bees & Butterflies, with diverse flowering periods ranging from early spring to late autumn. The nectar plants provide butterflies and bees with valuable nutrition. The host plants form an essential link as food for caterpillars in their development from eggs into butterflies.

In turn, insects are an important food source for animals such as birds, thus it contributes to greater biodiversity and a healthier ecosystem.

Installation and maintenance

The vegetation blanket can be used on roofs with a slope of up to 15 degrees and is most suitable for a spot in the sun or partial sun.

The Bees & Butterflies blanket is part of the Sempergreen Biodiverse green roof system. All parts of this system can be ordered from us. View the green roof system here for more information

For more information about required maintenance, view our Maintenance page.

White paper ‘Building for Biodiversity’

Curious about the added value of green roofs and Biodiversity blankets within the context of biodiversity? Download the Sempergreen white paper 'Building for biodiversity' here.

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Accessible roof with Biodiverse blankets


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Please note: this product is only available in Europe