Green roof for gardeners

Green roof for gardeners
As a gardener you already have the right knowledge and green fingers for planting schemes at street level. So the step to a higher level is not so very big. Sedum roof installation is a good addition to your portfolio. More and more gardeners are focusing on the installation of green roofs and extensive roof gardens. Sempergreen only supplies the best quality vegetation blankets for green roofs. There is a wide range of roof vegetation. Moreover, we can always supply all our products directly from stock. Together, we ensure that the installation of your green roof is a success!

What is the structure of a green roof?

The structure of a green roof will depend on the underlying roof specifications and the building's support structure. Read more about the most commonly used systems for green roofs below.

Green roof system structures

How should I install a green roof?

It is very easy to install a Sedum roof. What's more, by using Sempergreen vegetation blankets your green roof will be 95% covered immediately. Click below for step-by-step installation instructions.

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Does a green roof need maintenance?

To maintain a rich green roof, it is important to conduct maintenance twice a year. Sedum roof maintenance consists of inspecting the roof for weeds carried by the wind and if necessary, applying fertilizer to the vegetation blankets. Roof drains should also be checked and cleaned if necessary. The maintenance frequency will depend on the structure. Read more about the correct maintenance procedures for your green roof here.

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