How should I install a green roof?

It is very simple to install a green roof. Here we explain in just a few steps how to install a complete Sedum roof. When you install Sempergreen vegetation blankets, your green roof has 95% coverage immediately. 

Installing a green roof 

Installation instructions for a flat roof with pitch < 20° and length of roof < 10 metres

Clear the roof of debris
Use a soft broom to remove loose material from the roof


Roll out the drainage layer on to the roof
Make sure the  filterfleece is on top. Ensure that that the drainage mats abut firmly to each other. The filterfleece must overlap the adjacent drainage layer.

Apply the roof garden substrate
Use a rake to spread the roof garden substrate evenly. Make sure that the substrate does not fall between adjoining drainage strips. Measure the depth of the substrate to ensure you have sufficient depth, as indicated in the roof structure drawing. Alternatively, you can install substrate sheets. Moisten the substrate sufficiently.

Place the vegetation blankets on the roof
Always lift and roll the a vegetation blanket with 2 people. Place the vegetation blanket at the correct place on roll it out carefully. Start with the flap at the top. If necessary, move the mat carefully to the correct position. 

Cut the vegetation blanket to size
Ensure that the mats abut properly and – if necessary – cut the mat to size. Special shears are available for this purpose, order them using our order form. Fill in any bare patches with remaining substrate or spare pieces Sedum blanket.

Saturate the green roof with water
If you install your green roof during a dry period, water it regularly during the first few weeks. This will enable the plant roots to grow into the substrate. Your green roof is finished!

Result: you can enjoy a fully grown green roof immediately!