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Plug plants and Sedum cuttings

Besides Sedum vegetation blankets and Sedum trays, Sempergreen also produces and supplies plug plants, Sedum cuttings and Sedum seed.

What are plug plants?

Plug plants are small plants sold in trays containing 72 plants each. The ball of soil around the plug plant consists of a special substrate mixture put together by Sempergreen to give the plug a better chance of growing.


There are two reasons for opting for plug plants.

1. To give the vegetation blankets on your roof their own expanse of colour. This can be achieved by planting a particular type of plug plant spread out across the vegetation mat. As an example: a cluster of beautiful red or pink carnations or a bundle of chives here and there.

2. Plug plants were frequently used to cover roofs in the past. However, plug plants are increasingly being replaced by vegetation blankets. One used to think that planting green roofs with plug plants was cheaper than covering them with vegetation blankets. Nothing, though, is further from the truth. Click here  for a list of arguments in favour of vegetation blankets rather than plug plants.

What are Sedum cuttings?

Sedum cuttings are pieces of Sedum. Many roofs used to be planted with Sedum cuttings because it was an inexpensive way to create a green roof. But because 60% of all green roofs created with cuttings fail completely, and because they require intensive maintenance, this practice is gradually disappearing. Sempergreen can deliver these cuttings upon request, but we explicitly do not give any guarantee.

More information?

Download the fact sheets on the above products via our download centre or via the menu to the right for detailed information on Sedum plugs, grass-herb plugs and Sedum cuttings. 

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