Sedum plugs

Sempergreen Sedum plugsUse Sempergreen Sedum plugs to give an existing green roof a specific colour. The plugs grow in a substrate especially developed by Sempergreen and are cultivated in 72-hole trays. Plug plants can be inserted into extensive roof garden substrate.

About Sedum

Sedum is a succulent plant that retains water in the leaves and therefore performs well under various weather conditions, in dry and wet circumstances, and in hot and cold climates. Sedum is the ideal plant for use in a roof garden. It grows slowly, and so a green roof never has to be mown. In addition, the various Sedum varieties have a long flowering period, from April to October. Sempergreen Sedum plugs are produced in accordance with FLL guidelines.

Installation and maintenance of a Sedum roof with plugs

It is very easy to plant Sempergreen Sedum plugs. The maximum gradient for the Sedum plugs is 45 degrees. The minimum maintenance will depend on the system structure (fertilization one to three times a year).

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