Sedum-mix blanket - type T

Sedum-mix blanket - Type T as ground coverThe Sedum-mix blanket - Type T is a vegetation blanket that has been specially developed for (steeply) pitched surfaces and as such can be used as ground cover on slopes and embankments with a gradient of up to 45 degrees. The vegetation blankets always boast at least 95% coverage on delivery. For projects with slopes of over 45 degrees, you can get in touch with us for tailor-made project advice.

Sedum-mix blanket type T composition

The Sedum-mix blanket type T is planted with six to eight different types of Sedum. The plants grow on a coconut fiber mat and a cultivation substrate specially developed by Sempergreen. Sedum is a succulent plant that is well able to store water in the leaves and can therefore thrive perfectly under various weather conditions. The coir fibre mat has plastic reinforcement top and bottom which makes the blanket suitable for (steeply) pitched applications.

Installation and maintenance

The maximum gradient for the Sedum-mix blanket type T blanket is 45 degrees. Sedum is a low-maintenance vegetation that does not need to be mown. The use of dense vegetation mats, means that weed growth is limited. The minimal maintenance consists of applying fertilizer once or twice a year and inspecting the mat for (carried by the wind) weeds and removing these.

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